Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fools For Luv Giveaway Hop

This blog hop is officially over.  All winners have been contacted.  Please go to my Events page to find more blog hops in the coming months.
Welcome to the Fools For Luv Giveaway Hop organized and launched by the administrative teams at Readaholics Anonymous and Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust.  This hop will be going on from February 1 thru 14, 2013, to herald in Valentine Days.  The day Cupid aims his arrows at hearts around the world and love ensues.

What’s a romance novel without at least one couple who finds their way to each other?   Slogans such as Love Makes the World Go ‘Round and Love Bites are 20th century inventions that have relevance to 21st century readers.  Love, you can’t live without it and you want to die when you lose it.

Exploring the theme of Fools For Luv, my thoughts went immediately to Meghan “Meggie” Cleary in Colleen McCullough’s The Thornbirds who falls in love with an ambitious priest, Father Ralph de Bricassart.  It’s a forbidden love because Father Ralph will never leave the clergy to be a husband to Meggie.  Thinking God is spiting when her son with Father Ralph drowns, Meggie denounces love as merely an illusion woven in people’s minds.  It’s not until she meets Rainer Hartheim, the man who loves her daughter Justine is Meggie’s hope in love renewed.

McCullough’s story incorporates a series of trials and tribulations which life thrusts into people’s path. It takes a sprig of enlightenment for Meggie to realize love hadn’t played her for a fool, but opened her up to experience unprecedented joy countered by an unprecedented amount of tragedy.  Her heart hadn’t failed her and steer her in the wrong direction.  It forced her to see her daughter’s and others as themselves not as extensions of her.  The love she has for others is burrowed in her heart whether they are with her or not.

A tale with more joy and less tragedy is Jerri Drennen’s Her Man Flint.  DNS agent Adriana Kent feels like a fool for falling in love with her partner Flint Morgan whom she caught in bed with another woman.  Unable to explain how it happened, Flint wishes he could atone for his betrayal and for pushing away the only girl he ever wanted to marry.  An assignment brings the two back together and discovering it was all a misunderstanding.  They find their way back to each other, and the wound that kept them apart mends.  Agent Kent learns that love bites but it also makes life worth living.

In my own novel The King Maker, Cullen Danes and Nina Holt go through a series of trial and tribulations to find out they can only make it if they’re together.  As two people living on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, they must decide how they will go on when it’s safe for them to return home.  Was their’s a transient affair or can one make the leap into the other’s life?

Who are some of your favorite characters who have been struck by Cupid’s arrow?  Post your comment and include your email using [at] and [dot] in the address to enter the Fools For Luv Giveaway Hop contest. 

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Good Luck to everyone.
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  1. I love the characters in the Prince of Wolves Series. Each time one of them falls for the other....ZING - shot with an arrow and fall hard. Thank you for the giveaway.


  2. I love Eva and Gideon in the Crossfire series!


  3. Acheron and Tori from the Dark Hunter series.

  4. Anita and Jean-Claude


  5. I love Tabitha & Valerius from Seize the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon.