Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Wishes Blog Hop

This contest is officially over.  Please check out my Events page for more blog hops to participate in the coming months.

Welcome to the Christmas Wishes Blog Hop which will run from December 7 to 13, 2012.  Thank you to the administrators at Book & Trailer Showcase (BTS Virtual Book Tours), Coffee Beans & Love scenes (CBLS Promotions), and Full Moon Bites (FMB Blog Tours) for organizing this blog hop.

Christmas wish lists, almost everyone is tempted to make one.  They contain what its author wants most.  Beyond the usual gifts of material objects and seeing loved ones, Christmas wishes might include the desire to find love for those who haven’t experienced it so far.

In Jennifer Snow’s contemporary romance Mistletoe Fever from the Wild Rose Press, New York City art gallery owner Piper Johnson wishes to find a man who wants to spend Christmas with her.  She tells her lawyer friend Alex Miller about her plan to put a classified ad in the personal column of a local newspaper with a detailed description of the kind of man she’s looking for to spend with on Christmas.  She supplies an email as her contact information with the user name as Mistletoe Fever.  A few frames in and Piper finds a likely candidate whom she nicknames her Mistletoe Mystery.  I’ll leave it up to readers to guess who is her MM, and if her Christmas wish comes true.

Ginny Baird takes Christmas wishes in another direction in The Holiday Bride bringing together two complete strangers.  Waitress Lucy West always desired a 1950’s style happily ever after existence.  Instead she thinks she has to settle for something much less, an affable man who doesn‘t stir her emotions but he is the only man who has entered her life asking for her hand in marriage. Little does she know that Christmastime and Santa Claus have other plans in store for her when she wakes up in William Kinkaid’s home, a bachelor dad whose son thinks Santa brought this woman into their home to be his and his sister’s new mommy and daddy’s new wife.  It’s a story that puts a smile on the reader’s face.

Cheryl Bolen’s historical romance Home For Christmas tells about a startling romance that blossoms all because of a young woman’s Christmas wish.  For six long years, Captain David St. Vincent has dreamt about returning home to Ramseyfield and seeing one resident in particular, Elizabeth Balfour, who stirred heady sensations in him as a young buck. To his surprise, it’s not Elizabeth he‘s driven to be around, but her plain younger sister, Catherine.  The years at sea have matured him and he realizes it was Catherine who wept when he left, she who presented him with a cross to keep him safe while in service to the crown, and she who read and carefully collected the newspaper accounts of his sea battles.  Her Christmas wish is to hope that David could care for her as sincerely as she has come to do for him.  The Yuletide makes such an improbability become a reality.

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