Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moonlight Masquerade Blog Hop

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Moonlight Masquerade (October 25 – November 1, 2012)

Welcome to the Moonlight Masquerade Blog Hop.

You may have noticed that moonlight is a vital element in romantic fiction.  Authors have used moonlight to create an intimate setting for characters to conduct lover’s interludes or to engage in clandestine activities.  Storyteller’s have yarned urban fantasies that tell under the light of a full moon, werewolves come out both literally and figuratively.

In Kristen Callihan’s paranormal romance Moonglow, Ian Ranulf the Earl of Northrup literally transforms into a wolf known as a lycan when he’s touched by the light of the full moon.  Authors like Callihan take a literal meaning of the urban fantasy.

Other authors have used moonlight to transform characters into wolves figuratively.  Adele Ashworth uses this figurative meaning in her novel Winter Garden.  Thomas Blackwood the Earl of Eastleigh shows the animalist lust of a wolf when he makes love to French spy Madeleine DuMais in the glow of the moonlight.  The figurative meaning of the urban fantasy demonstrates an unbridled passion symbolic of a romantic lover. 

In my novel The King Maker, moonlight is the setting for a lover’s interlude bringing out the passionate features of the story’s hero Cullen Danes.  The lunar light is also the backdrop for clandestine activities when crime leader Thor Kossich plots to kill Cullen Danes.

Moonlight allows characters to conduct activities in secrecy and free of restraint.  There is something about the glowing reflection of the moon that makes the behavior it’s shrouding to feel intimate and driven by passion.  There’s a certain charge ignited by the moonlight that incites images of fantasy.

Which fantasy do you like the moonlight to bring out in your favorite romances, the literal wolf or the passionate lover?  Post your comment and include your email spelling out [at] and [dot] in the address. 

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