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Howloween Blog Hop

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Howloween Blog Hop (October 26 - 29, 2012)
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Halloween Stories

Welcome to the Howloween Blog where All Hallow’s Eve is celebrated with impressions about the holiday from romance authors found

One of the most famous Halloween stories is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow written by Washington Irving and published around 1790.  The story’s main character, a school teacher named Ichabod Crane is smitten with a teenage lass named Katrina Van Tassel.  But another man Brom Bones from the New England vicinage of Tarrytown wishes for Katrina’s hand in marriage too.

After the Halloween Ball at the Van Tassel’s home, Crane returns on horseback to his home only to come face to face with the headless horseman believed to be a Hessian soldier from the American Revolution whose head was blown off by a cannonball during the war.  Now, his ghost haunts the bridge in Tarrytown’s Sleepy Hollow.  Ichabod Crane is never seen again after Halloween. 

The story has kept children wondering for centuries if the ghost of the soldier was truly the headless horseman or if Brom Bones had pretended to be the legendary rider to frighten Crane away.  It’s a story that lives on.

Most readers may have seen the 1944 movie Arsenic and Old Lace starring Cary Grant, but few know it was a play first written by Joseph Kesselring in 1939.  The entire story takes place on Halloween in Brooklyn Heights entering as newspaper critic Mortimer Brewster, whose skepticism about the institution of marriage is widely known, is at the Justice of the Peace where he is about to marry Elaine Harper, the daughter of a Reverend who lives next door to his aunts, Martha and Abbey Brewster.  The surprises don’t stop there.

Between Mortimer’s two elderly aunts who poison homeless gentlemen as an act of mercy and give them a proper Christian burial in the basement of their Brooklyn home, his uncle Teddy who thinks he’s President Teddy Roosevelt, and his demented brother Jonathan who returns to his aunts home to hide from the police wanted for several murders, the story keeps audiences agape from one page to the next.  This Halloween-inspired tale never tires and makes people take a second look at their next door neighbor.

The popular 1990’s TV series Charmed  made celebrating the traits of Halloween a weekly escapade with the three sisters, Prue (short for Prudence), Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell being modern day witches on the quest to keep their sleepy suburban New England town safe from malevolent entities. 

The season 3 episode “All Halliwell’s Eve” written by the show’s creator Constance M. Burge takes place on Halloween when a pair of Grimlocks visit the sisters posed as trick or treaters.  A time portal opens and sucks the sisters into it taking them back to Colonial Virginia in 1670.  The sisters were not born yet so they don’t have their magical powers in this time warp.  They learn that they were sent there by a group of good witches who needed the sisters help to save a magical baby from being destroyed by the evil witch Ruth and the dark sorcerer Cole Turner.  The same Cole Turner who, in the sisters modern time, has an affection for Phoebe.  His affection for her does not wane in Colonial Virginia.

The sisters must save the baby using what resources are available to them, which are primitive but they do the job.  The sisters discover that the baby they saved is their great grandmother.  They return home triumphant, though Cole returns disappointed but not defeated.

These are a few Halloween stories penned by writers who enhance the folklore enmeshed around All Hallow’s Eve.  It’s a day when magic is believed to be alive and anything can happen.


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