Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review of The King Maker

Writer Bonnie Regan wrote a book review of my novel The King Maker. Her articles can be found below:

Behind The Scenes of The King Maker:

The title of my new novel, The King Maker is a term that stems from English history and is steep in British folklore since many king makers cannot be proven but are merely based on hearsay. The title is widely applied to Richard Neville, the sixteenth Earl of Warwick, who was dubbed “Warwick the Kingmaker” during England’s War of the Roses in the mid 1400‘s. Over the years, the term has come to have a more general scope applied to a person or an organized group of individuals who remain in the shadows, far out of the sight of the public, but have enormous influence in placing people in a public office. Today, a kingmaker is often viewed as somebody who lacks sufficient resources to win a public seat of power, but possess the resources to place a candidate in a seat of power.

In my novel, I correlate these cloaked figures, who make leaders out of men and women, to the members of a crime ring engaged in credit card fraud. I chose credit card fraud because it was an element that I knew something about after being the victim of such a crime orchestrated by a ring of elusive thieves. It began one morning when I had received a phone call from an account representative at the bank that issued me a new credit card when my old card expired. He informed me that a batch of newly issued new credit cards had been sent out from the Newark Post Office in New Jersey and the next time any of them showed up, they were being used to withdraw large sums of currency at various ATM machines throughout London, England.

It was a surreal moment for me where unforeseeable forces had affected my life. The situation was not of my making and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. It made me wonder what kind of organized group of bandits would prey on people who did nothing to them, at least not directly. Not only had this group prey on people, but they got away with their crimes. These factors became the inspiration for my novel about a modern day King Maker, who lifted an individual to the exalted heights of having influence and power over other people’s lives, and live beyond reproach never having to pay for any sins committed.

In my novel, the knight in shining armor is Cullen Danes, an investigator for the British Aviation Ministry. When Steve McKenna, a friend of Cullen’s, unknowingly becomes involved with a credit card fraud ring, he is killed and Cullen takes it on his own to find the murderer and clear his friend’s name. Along his investigation, Cullen attends the International Aviation Convention in New York where he meets his soon-to-be lady, Nina Holt, a country girl who relocates to New York City to try to carve out a comfy niche for herself. Fate brings them together when Nina saves Cullen from being killed by the members of the crime ring. Together, Cullen and Nina discover who is Steve’s killer as the true identify of the King Maker is slowly unveiled.

Dotted with clues for readers to piece the mystery together, and added with a dash of suspense and a healthy dose of romance, I strove to make The King Maker bring old English themes into contemporary times. It is likely that many readers won’t know who is the true King Maker until the last chapter.

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